Web Design &
Video Spokesperson

On-Hold Dealers

Length / Word Count


up to 4 min. / 500 words

+ 4 to 6 min. / up to 672 words

+6 minute / over 672 words


turn time


*max. 3 business days

*max. 3 business days

*max. 3 business days






**$2.00 per statement


*RUSH orders are always accommodated on a ‘first received, first served» basis for an additional fee that is
determined by required turnaround time.

** volume discounts are available (and encouraged), based on number of orders received per calendar month.

Please keep in mind that you are not receiving a ‘cut and paste’ generic repetition of everything you’ve heard before. Over 15 years of writing experience PLUSE 24 years of direct sales experience go into each and every script. Copy Craft Solutions has enjoyed adding dealers to our client list through numerous referrals. We‘re flattered to receive such high praise and continuously strive to ensure that all the buzz about us is justified. Two things we‘ve found to be true time and time again:

1. The quality of the product is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

2. If you‘re very good, you‘re worth it.

Copy Craft Solutions also offers value-added services that can dramatically improve customer retention and motivate your end users to update their messages. We act as YOUR creative consultant. This includes calling your clients for one-on-one interviews to gather critical information for message updates, generating excitement and urgency that motivates them to get the production completed. We can schedule reminder calls and email reminders according to your timetable. We also produce custom newsletters sent to your clients that highlight your business services, remind them to update, provide information regarding holidays and entertaining trivia and (most importantly) keep YOUR name in front of them. These newsletters include your contact information, hyperlinks to your website, your company logo and so much more. Through our relationship with Constant Contact, you‘ll see who‘s opening your emailed newsletter, who‘s forwarding it, who‘s responding and who‘s blocking it. See the Email Marketing / E-letter section of our website for more information.


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